it's funny how a simple room becomes a home

house for sale:
one bedroom, a comfort room, a living room, kitchen and a garage. fully furnished.

please inquire inside


it is clean and empty. the walls are painted in white, and the ceiling as well. it feels cold and new, though i know it is not. or, it was not.

the agent that was trying to persuade me tells again for the nth time that the room used to be owned by a happy family. the father was a loving and hardworking man, the mother was a housewife that cared so much for their baby boy. they had only one kid, and they loved him so much.

he kept telling me stories i have heard a lot of times, but registered only few. he even tried telling me how the father loved the house, his family, his wife and his child. when he told that story, i blurted out a question that finally stopped him.

"why did they transfer?"

i heard no answer, finally, for i thought he knew everything about the family.


he, the agent, stopped talking and just followed me wherever i went. i went to the second floor to check the rooms, he followed. i check the toilet for water, he followed. i looked at the fixed cabinets and drawers, he followed. but that didn't bother me at all.

i was leaving the house when the telephone at the corner of the living room caught my attention. i moved towards it to check if there was a line. there was. then, i saw a small note under the telephone. it wrote:

hey dear,

we've been together for three year now. we've been through great ups and downs, and now, we are having our second baby. soon, this house of ours will no longer fit us. our baby boy will grow and will be needing his own room. our youngest will grow as well and will also demand his own privacy. this house will no longer fit us, the four of us, by that time.

i know that you've learned to love this house, but don't worry, our home will stay. i bought a bigger house near our little junior's school. it is for his convenience and safety, your gift as my loving wife and mother, and my responsibility as your partner and our child's model.

thank you very much. i love you so much, dear.

your man


i wanted to ask, but there was no question to ask. all my questions were answered as i place the note back under the telephone. the agent's face was different now, but i did not mind.

then, out of that silence, his voice echoed in the room. this time, the tone was not in the persuasive manner.

"that was six months ago. i loved that family, so when the father told me that he was going to sell this house, i, as a neighbor and as a friend and as someone who have loved them, bought this house. i own this house now, but it makes me sad when up to now, when i am alone, i hear their laughters. i have no wife, nor a child. i do not go out that much because the sun makes me sick so i don't have a lot of friends too. they were my family."

"i do not want to sell this house, but it saddens me more when i hear the laughters and not see them--the more i feel alone."