i am not a quitter

i am not a quitter. i am not a pessimist. i quit, but that does not mean i am a quitter. yes, I know what quitters do. quitters quit. quitters quit. but then, i have my own reasons. i don’t just quit because i want to quit. i stop doing things that i normally do because i have a good reason of not doing it. maybe it is because it is against my belief or my principles, maybe there are people that i don’t want to be with and talk with, maybe i don’t belong, maybe all I wanted was mere friendship and not any other. whatever my reason is, you will never find out because it is not for you to know.

we have our own private lives and you don’t get to ask what and why i did this and did not do this, why i preferred this and not that, why i chose that and not this. that’s my own principle. that is me.

i am not a pessimist; actually, i am more like an optimist. i live life happily. my live do not depend on anyone or anything. i do what i want to do and love what i want to love. this is me and it’s just it. so, you don’t get to call me a quitter, nor a loser. you don’t get to call me a quitter. you don’t get to call anyone a quitter. you, every one of you, don’t get to call anyone a loser.