he will never have the right, never

he will never have the right, never. even if she allows him, or do his very best, he will never earn the right because there is no such right, only ideas created by men to have an excuse for their faults.

he has no right to hurt her, nor treat her as somebody who’s ordinary, because she is special. she is the daughter of the man who works hard for the meals, clothing and shelter; she is the daughter of the woman who carried her for nine long months and labored her for quite long hours; she is the sister of her siblings and friends of her friends; she is loved, cared, protected, and supported fully by people that surrounds her. for these reasons, it is clear that she does not need more. she is complete. she does not need him. she does not need him, but she chose to.

with these reasons lay visibly in front of us, why still men think wrongly?

he will never have that right, never, because his role is not to hurt her, but to love and treat her as he loves and treats his parents and sisters, treasure her as he treasures her family, care for her and protect her as her mother did when she was still an infant, and protect her as he would protect her own mother and sisters.

he is there because she chose him to be there, because it is obvious that she wants him to understand her, maybe not all the time, but at least most of the time. she expects his attentiveness when she feels like blabbering. she expects his reactions when she feels like having a conversation. she expects a lot from him, but she knows that he will not always be in that way because she is aware that sometimes, he is moody, or blue, or such.

these, he must know, at least, to make her smile once in a while.

he will never have the right, never, and that, he must really know. he must know that she is also a mother, a sister, a friend, and most of all, a woman.