the real

under these dark clouds, sweet whistles of the cool wind, soft lazy murmurs of the trees and birds, i sat. in a bench where most people study and chat and do their stuff noisily with friends, i, alone sat silently; carefully looking and sometimes, staring—observing. my eyes wandered from left to right, right to left, but my mind still stayed with the clouds above. they’re starting to form a weird shape I could not figure out quite well. one thing I recognized was that bit by bit, small droplets were falling on me.

but, i did not stand, or even move. my mind was ready for the coming of the rain, heavy or not; i wanted to be poured with lots of droplets. not that i wanted to be soaked wet, i just wanted to feel free—the feeling of not being restrained by these clothes that i’m wearing or the umbrella in my bag that I should be using before these droplets become heavy and as such—the feeling i just can’t explain in a more sensible or rational way—the feeling of knowing that people would just laugh because of it’s unexplainable weirdness of some sort.

i could not help but close my eyes and feel the blessings nature, and life, has given me.

and suddenly, suddenly, it all became real. everything became real. everything. she.

a voice came inviting.

pjam, hun, sabay na tayo matulog….