love the things your love ones love

she was sitting by the coffee table while reading this book. her eyes steady and deep, evidently how intense she was drawn by this story. she’s been there in that position for almost three hours, but has not spoken a single word. it was already seven o’clock, and in any minute, it’ll be dinner time.

a loud voice came in an instant, shouting, “dinner time!”

it was not an ordinary day for her. everything was peaceful. everything was in order. and, with this book that she was reading, new thoughts came to her. new thoughts came to her. clear thoughts. clear stories as well.

nevertheless, she placed the book down. she didn’t say a word, but stood up as soon as she heard the voice. she wasn’t smiling, but it was apparent that she was feeling good. a bookmark then was inserted in the middle of the bulk pages. leaving the book, she strode down the staircase and glanced at the food being served.

carrots for dinner. she was not a vegetarian. actually, she hated vegetables. but really, this day was not an ordinary day. everything was in order. after praying, she scooped some rice and voluntarily scooped some carrots and vegetables as well.

lovely day. peaceful.

carrots, it was the favorite of one of her friends. she remembered a thought said in the book...