money kills identity

With money, we buy things we need, food we eat, shelter we live in, and other possessions we may or may not need. Money is the medium we use in obtaining things and services. Therefore, money is important. Without these, it’ll be hard to live life. That is why spending wisely is a must.

When we go to groceries, we can’t help but budget. When we go shopping, we can’t help but choose the more comfortable—physically and economically. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we spend. We use money. But it is in our hand, our decision, to whether spend these wisely or foolishly.

We don’t spend our money on something we don’t like. We don’t put our money on something we don’t want. We don’t invest on a particular business if we think it’ll fall. We don’t go concerts, or movies, if we don’t like to watch. We don’t spend hundreds or thousands of pesoses on something we know we’ll regret. That is why we should not conform.

Money is everywhere, but we must work for it—every cent of it. Who cares if everyone has watched this or that movie? Who cares if everyone will buy popcorns or crackers for that movie? It is not them that would work hard for the money that you will be spending on that movie. But if you spend your money on something you like, you love, you prioritize, and you’ll enjoy every cent of your money. It’s all right to go movies, or concerts, parades or homecomings as long as you like to go, you know you’ll enjoy and you know that it’ll be worth your money.

You don’t spend five hundred pesos for a candy you hate, a show or a singer or a dancer you don’t appreciate. You don’t spend your money on something, or someone, or people, you don’t want to have or be with. It’s just absurd.

I often see, hear, people telling each other what to watch, buy, apply, and such. And often, too, I get lost because I don’t get the point of these kinds of conversation.

People have different kinds of priorities, hobbies, interests and likes. And with these diversities segregating different kinds of people, people’s choices also vary—or should vary. But as time passes, as conformity acts on people’s lives, identities are lost.