will you...

hold my hand when i hold yours?
look at me too when i stare at you?
let me open the doors for you?
call me when something’s bothering you?
call me when you have nothing to do?
let me cook breakfast for you?
let me serve dinner for you?
insult but still eat my dish?
watch adam sandler’s movie with me?
watch robin william’s movie as we go to sleep?
let me stare at you sleep peacefully?
let me stare at you when you eat?
surprise me occasionally?
surprise me in your simple ways?
choose the clothes that i’ll be wearing daily?
choose the color of socks i’ll be wearing day by day?
call me when you want me there with you?
call me anytime you feel anything?
let me be a doctor if you’re not feeling well?
let me be a lawyer o a manny when the need arises?
ask me “dear, how’s your day?” everyday?
ask me “dear, you want to ask me “how’s my day?”
tell me when you want something to eat?
teach me a new dish that you’ve been craving for?
ask me to buy groceries for us?
ask me to run an errand for you?
ask me to come with you?
stay healthy for me?
stay the same for me?
comb and fix my hair as i fix yours?
ask me “dear, how do i look?” everyday?
let me answer “dear, you’re smashing everyday.”?
listen when i tell you a silly secret?
listen when i tell you a childish dream with you?
let me remind you if you forget something?
let me remind you that you skipped your meal?
drive when i’m holding the baby?
drive when my eyes are tired?
tell a detailed story of your day daily?
listen to my story too?
laugh at my jokes but remind me if it’s not funny?
let me smell your fragrance everyday?
let me smell your hair and hand as if sniffing a drug?
remind me how we’ve spent our days?
remind me how i make you special?
help me collect our memories?
help me not to forget all the details?
lean to me comfortably?
tell me, “i’m comfortable with you.”?
listen when i say, “me too.”?
answer me “i always do” all the time?