my very short valedictory speech

i've dreamed of this once, but it never came to me that this day would come. unbelievable, but yes, i’m here standing here in front of you as your valedictorian. and today, as i lead our batch in ending an important and memorable chapter of our lives, i could now say that finally, we’re done! we’re done building our foundations that would lead us to great future, because today is one of the most pivotal points of our lives. at this point, we are now headed to different paths with different problems and endeavors, because we are now headed to a different world, a bigger and more challenging world.

in this world, i believe we’ll never be the best, or the greatest. at some point, there will be that someone who’ll perform a lot better than what we’re doing, there will be instances in our lives that we will fall, fall, and fall again, but we need not worry. it is nature. it's not our fault. so you see, we don’t need to compete. we’ll just have to get the job done, and focus on where we are headed because where we are headed is much important that how fast we’re going.

p.s. obviously, i am not the valedictorian. this is just one of those projects in school. thank you!