space.dark.hollow.deep.blank and black

suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of somewhere, something. dark. hollow. deep. blank and black all around you. and in the midst of this darkness, you feel fear inside you. a feeling of uncertainty, and a desire to understand comes alive in front of you. without your sense of sight, you keep your senses open and hanging. but then, it's hollow--empty. it's just space around you; no one hears but you. and in the midst of darkness and space, a deep presence comes. closer. closer. closer. then, suddenly, again, reminding you, you're alone...

with these kind of feeling you learn not to be dependent, even to yourself. with these kind of situation you learn to stand on your own without asking what's beyond. with these kind of setting, you learn because you have no choice. you have to... unless you want to die without fighting.