life begins to be meaningful when...

a birthday is not a special day. it’s just one of those celebrated days that are often misinterpreted.

a birthday is just an ordinary day that reminds us that there are a lot of people out there who cares for us. it’s an opportunity given to let us realize and thank the people that have helped us be what we are right now. for without them, we’re not what we are today. it’s a day to let these people feel that we appreciate them. it’s a day to let us connect, bridge the gap of time and space, and regain the lost of communication with each other. it’s a day to talk about the past, and laugh at them; anticipate the future, and plan a talk once again. these moments are ordinary, but unique. these are like bookmarks of our lives. inseparable. it keeps us reminded that we’re never alone. it keeps our heart and soul alive and upwelling, because we’ll know that somewhere, somehow, someone loves--someone is there to help us whenever we fall.

the existence of one human being is not based on himself alone—humans are social being. if he concludes that he exist and is living, his existence is just based on himself and his nothingness alone. therefore, another individual from the outside of his own limited world should tell him or remind him that he exists.

another individual from the outside of his small world should let him know and see that his existence is fruitful, that he is appreciated and cherished, that he will never be left alone, and that everything is not wasted.

then, life begins to be meaningful.

existence starts when his life changes its focus or starts to be focused—a view that includes him and his world, united. his life begins to be more momentous. his being starts to clear up and his existence begins to expand—expanding and reaching beyond what he sees and hears. then, i could say, life begins to be meaningful.