let me and i will

let me hold your hand
while you feel the presence i give
let me hug you tight; tighter
as we sense each other's warmth
let me take all your worries
and tell you, "i'm already here."
let me take you somewhere else
beyond, so we could be free as we want
let me be your lone guide
in every step and tear; smile
let me in and take part
and i'll fight for what you believe
let me hold your tears
and never return it back
let me give you everything--
sum of what you deserve
let me love you
the way i want you to be loved

let me watch you sleep
until the morning peeps
let me serve you breakfast
and see you eat sweet
let me kiss you "good morning"
goodafternoon and goodnight
let me take you out
in the midst of a heavy week

let me stay inside your heart
so i could fulfill my dreams
let me do these things
while adding more to my list
let me live with you forever
as i want it the way it is
let me cherish every moment

let me watch our children
if ever you'll go home late
let me have a family; kids
as wonderful and good as you
let me support you
whatever field you chose to have
let me patch the difference
of our cultures and traditions

let me and i will.