beauty is not the basis
why i chose you as my friend
nor brains, nor humor


actually, i didn’t even chose you
i never did
i don’t know, it just came
and i want you to know that
i'm glad it did

it just felt good
having someone to care for
and thinking there's someone
to lean on incase..

well, no one could really explain
the point is,
you’re my friend
though not the best
but the closest among the rest

i don’t know

i don't have a best friend

you’re my sister
and no one could tell,
but us

i may call it a destiny
you may call it another

it's up to you

to tell you, honestly,
i don’t really know
what kind of relationship this is

all I know is that:
i care for you
and you care for me too.
well, i guess.

i hope.

though lack of conversation
and such a blur communication

i couldn’t deny
a connection never dies