out of the blue, i..

out of the blue, you came across of my mind and reminded me yesterday. after a long time, we met once again. we were sitting side by side, looking at each other's eyes and talking softly so no one could hear, but us. i was trying to figure out what happened next. then, out of the blue, i smiled. it reminded me the times when everything was against us. everything was hard and seemed impossible, but we still pulled it together believing the feeling we were feeling called love. i realized that what we have now is just a fruit of what we've planted two years ago. i just wonder how we did it. out of the blue, i felt the feeling yesterday when i was still with you, the longing of your touch and embrace, the deep longing of your care and comfort. i wanted to hug you but i can't. i wanted to sit closer but everyone's looking. i wanted to talk and laugh like there's no one around but i can't. i wanted to protect the secret we've been hiding. i was like a volcano waiting to errupt. i couldn't express my feeling in any way i wanted. out of the blue, i felt like i wanted to see you everyday, be with you if there's any chance, show you how much i love you and how much i miss you and how much i need you. out of the blue, we're apart once again and finding myself missing you once again for an unknown reason.