untitled [[ a special gift ]]

when i reminisce
and start to think about you
the way you smile and the way you talk
i could not prevent my lips from smiling
for the reason.. i never really knew
maybe because of the good and happy memories
you and i shared dearly before
maybe because of the love i feel for you
a long long time ago.. until now
maybe because of the person in you
that took the man in me
or maybe.. just maybe because i was just amazed
for i've never seen a princess with such beauty..
a simple yet wonderful princess
that i would always treasure
every single moment of my life..
though weeks and years had passed,
the love that was given to you
never really died
day by day, i would think of you,
stare at your picture and continue to wonder..
..are you all right?
well, i'm not.
i miss you and i want you to know that.
the way you smile and the way you talk
the way we pulled our past together.
i could not prevent my tears from falling
for a reason.. i love you.
day by day, i would tell my friends
how we did it all
both our happiness and struggles..
i would tell them how much i love you
how much i miss you and
how much i want you back.
today, i'm loving you fully..
without exceptions,
i'm giving you my all.