she was once mine
quiet and silent
simple in beauty
with those smiles
and sinful lips

we shared the laughters
and some heavy tears
i'd rather not talk about
we made dozen of memorieas
and one, i'd rather forget

but when reminiscing..
can't prevent tears from rolling
can't stop smiling
while holding the memories
in my mind and in my hands

though communication stopped
still wishing one day
you and me would cross
each other's paths
and regain what we've lost

there's so much to tell
much more to let you feel
the care and love
i forgot to tell and show
when we were still one

it's been a long time
for me a decade or so
but why does it feel so fresh
the memories and pain
still in my flesh

the ouch and the whoos
that has long gone
came back with lighter tears
but stronger feelings
just killed the man
once again..

dreams and nightmares
flashes of memories
unerasable picture i own.