my last letter for my princess

a war is coming and slaves are asked to help the knights and guards to protect the kingdom. the king is asking the queen together with the princess' to leave the kingdom for survival. there's no other choice and way unless the war is stopped.

i may be a servant, a merchant, a slave but what i have for you, my princess is true.

my princess, this might be the last letter i'll have for you, but i promise that if i'll be gone, my love, my true priceless love would remain. whenever my cold body may be found, my heart would still be yours.

i wish i could be a humble prince, a brave knight or a respected aristocrat. so it could be easier to have your hand, my princess. but i'm not. i'm just someone that loves you dearly, cherishes every smile you share and appreciates your sweet soft voice. i wish that this world would be fair. fair enough to let a servant, not just serve but love a red-blooded princess like you fully, without rules, laws and strings.

your highness, may i ask you to wait. i'll be back and when that time comes. i promise to be better, worthy for you. i'll be someone that you could be proud of..if i survive. remember, my princess, your my reason of existence.