common man

i sat
at a bench
in the park
near the building
where i work
eating popcorn
and drinking soda.
..my favorite breakfast
when my wife is out.

it's two minutes before eight
and i'll be late
once again.
the sun is up
and the streets are busy
once again.
my mind is stressed
my body is bruised
if i were just a student
o my God!!

my projects are piled
papers are due
appointments are moved
once again..
o my God!!
boss will kill me

i swallowed
my last piece of popcorn
and my soda is up
it's eight plus ten
and i'm really dead..

i grabbed my case
stood and walked
i'm at my office
mr. angry boss was waiting
furiously scolding me
o well, that's a ceremony for me
if there was no scolding
my day wouldn't be complete.

a few rings and talks
at the phone
a few words and numbers
at my record book
the clock reached five
i'm gone..

if i'll go home
no one's there
no one's waiting
if i'll go
somewhere else,
where could that be..
-existing and not living
-surviving and appreciating