my first cebuano friend

off the plane
down the red carpeted floor
i could simply tell
with those sweet angelic face
i knew, you were true
first talk was really fine
with used of long-corded phone
between that short walk-distant aisle
unforgettable point in life
--hilariously speaking
beside the peaceful fountain
we stayed for hours
no one else but us
knew the real petite one
--as i've expected
--i had my first cebuano friend
pass six weeks past
couldn't tell when to see you again
after the company and friendship
fast became alone..
the laughs and jokes
suddenly stopped by tears and aches
room was emptied once again
silence ruled again..
the dear and true in you
that amazed me through
in a way, one special way
you're special in my own way
o how could i thank you
for the words you've shared
stories you've related
value of friendship we've traded
--i had my first cebuano friend
thank you..