heaven and earth

i've got fins
you've got wings

two different creatures
made not for each other

one's for the ocean
one's for the sky

two different creatures
that would never meet

but could it be possible
that you and me could be one
-difference in everything
particularly in culture


emotion: sadness

i can feel it
the sadness in me that blows
from morning 'til night
until the moon looses its face
until the star disappears in black
i can feel the sudden drop
the pull of gravity underneath
pulling my mind, heart and soul
gently killing parts inside me
i can feel the tears
that flows in my eyes
wanting to burst and get free
i can feel the rush
the pounding of my chest
and the unbreakable pulse
the rythmic pulse
i can feel the anger inside
that couldn't be shown
an anger without specific reason
an anger without a choice to make
i can feel the sadness
the pulling of gravity
provoking my tears to roll
increasing the volume of pounding
and releasing the stupidity of anger


voices of youth

ipikit ang mata
mag-isip ng iba
bagong pag-asa
ibigay sa kanya

pag-asang bubwit
huwag nating ikait
bansang ating giniit
sa kapangyarihang mapanlait

problema'y huwag isipin
solusyon ang dapat gawin
isigaw ang saloobon
ipaglaban ang mithiin

ika'y tatayong matibay
tayo'y magtatagumpay
lahat mamumuhay
sa bansang puno ng buhay

pagmulat ng mata
iyong makikita
bansang nanghihina
kailan kakampana?
-my draft last 2005 CMLI poetry contest