aral sa bangungot

sa aking pagpikit
anino ko'y nasilayan
walang pakialam
sa mga bagay na nagaganap
nagpapaagos..sa alon nitong buhay

huling araw ng aking buhay.
kinuha na N'ya ko
ngunit 'di pinaakyat
paikotikot, palaboy-laboy..
sa inyong mga namumuhay pa

nakita ko, mga taong tulad ko
walang pakinabang
'di nagpapahalaga
sa biyayang ipinahiram N'ya.
ako'y naiinis..nalulungkot, nag-alala

'di makausap
'di masabihan
tanging akong nagmamatyag lamang
mahirap magsalitang
walang nakikinig..o makarinig

ako'y nagising
sa kalabog ng pinto
ngayo'y dapat nang tumayo
punasan ang muta
na nagmula sa luha
at itama ang mali..tama ba?


the true story (animated)

take note: this was done when i was still in grade six.

once upon a time, there lived a poor boy who changed his attitude for a princess. the boy changed everything because he wanted to win the princess' heart. but there was a big problem, aside from getting the princess' hand, almost every man in the town would want to have the princess.

the story began when the boy transferred to a new house near a castle. when he was walking in the forest, he saw a beautiful girl with some of her friends. her smile shines like sun and her eyes sparkle like stars. the boy admired the beauty and the simplicity of the girl. he went to introduce himself with his dirty clothes and asked the girl's name, but two big men blocked his path so nothing happened. she never thought that girl was a precious princess in a castle nearby. the boy felt bad and thought that it was all because of his disabilities. on that same day, the boy strived harder and did his best to prove himself worthy. on the next morning, he woke up early. he started to plant, bought a bigger lot, and raised farm animals and everything that he never do before.

several months later, his hardship paid off. he had a farm full of crops and a house big enough for himself. but, that seemed not enough for no one knew these things were for the princess.

one day, while the princess was in the woods, the boy accidentally saw her and took the chance, he approached her. they had a short talk. the princess said that she might go somewhere next year to study. those words broke the poor boy's heart and felt really sad that he'll never see her again. but with the boy's faith, he was given a chance. few weeks later, an unexpected letter from the princess was sent to the boy that she'll be staying longer in the kingdom. the boy felt so happy not only because of the news but also because the letter was sent by the princess herself. he replied to thank her and revealed his true feelings. when she replied, she said that she's still young and it's too early. the boy made up his mind. he was determined to wait until the right time comes though he knew that she might not love him even if he waited. he chose to love her because he believed that what he was feeling was true and was worth the risk.

months have passed and they became closer. love then grew inside the princess' heart. they built a relationship that no one knew. a relationship that no one should know even a special friend.

they didn't last long because nothing really was happening. the boy left her and tried to forget everything. he met another girl. she was also beautiful and nice. the boy never loved her but he tried to. although their relationship was much better, the boy was not happy. he needed something that only the princess could give her. so, he went back where the princess stays. he knew that he had hurt the princess' feelings. he pleaded for forgiveness and ask for friendship once again. she still loves him after all the things that has happened so forgiveness was granted but not enough trust.

friendship grew once more and love again entered. they became happier compared to their first relationship. the boy did everything for her. as time passes, the relationship became stronger.

time came that the princess needed to leave the castle to study. neither the princess nor the boy wanted to be separated but there was no other choice. they needed to say goodbye with each other and be strangers once again.

the boy left the place at once, thinking it would be harder if he'll stay longer. he left everything, the house he built, the lot he bought and the animals he raised. everything!

one night, few weeks after he left the place. a news was all around that the princess never left the kingdom. he didn't know what to do upon hearing the gossips, news that tells everybody that she's getting married. form then on, the boy were no where found.