first love

a butterfly with simple colors
with unpredictable paths
and undescribable something

she was one of those butterflies
whom everyone adored
and would want to catch and own someday

but she was never one of them
in a way, for then no one
could even have and own her

i tried once but i failed
twice and thrice until she flew
into my hands and stayed

shouldn't ask for anything else
but how can i possibly end
a wonderful life in my own bare hands

i'm not worthy
she has a long way to go
not me has the right to end
a life so precious and full of beauty
we both needed space

loved you from the start
until the day i set you free
i guess it's just too early



a problem
that cannot be answered

in my own self
two places
where should i be

a problem
that no one could know

in my own self

in my own self
i could not tell where

grew up in this island
where not one acknowledges
ancestors there
where not one cares